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Realtors!    Add MapTeam property search to your website.
MapTeam is a complete IDX property search system.

Convert your website traffic into customers.
You are already doing a good job of attracting visitors to your website. Now MapTeam will help you convert them into customers. How do we do that?
Be the best property website in your market.
MapTeam is the best property search system available. Our features keep your website visitors coming back. Why is MapTeam the best?
Keep them coming back again and again.
Online leads can incubate for six to eighteen months. MapTeam keeps them coming back to your website week after week. Why do they come back to MapTeam?
Establish your reputation online.
Stand out from the crowd. Differentiate yourself. Homebuyers are online right now evaluating you by the quality of your website. How do you compare?
Compete with the interlopers.
Homebuyers are searching for homes right now using, Zillow, Trulia, Craig's List and others. How can you compete with these bigtime websites?

Help people make better decisions.
"The many features MapTeam has provided to my web site have been the draw which keeps my clients coming back -- and ultimately helps convert them into sales."
- Michael Lissack,

Risk-free Guarantee

For a limited time, we are offering

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  • 30-day FREE Trial

Get started with MapTeam now with absolutely NO RISK.

Convert your website traffic into customers.
How do we convert your website traffic into customers?
Understand the online buyer.
We have taken a close look at the online buyer.
Give the online buyer what he wants.
We have developed features to give the buyer what he needs at each step of the process.

Your website HAS to do two things:
  1. Make a good first impression.
    Knock him dead the moment he lands on your website.
    MapTeam has several features that impress on first sight,
    like Total Visualization and Wide-screen Support
  2. Keep him coming back week after week until he's ready to buy.
    Give him tools that help him find properties.
    MapTeam has several tools not found anywhere else,
    like the Bargain Finder and the Locator.
    MapTeam's design makes it easy and comfortable to work,
    like Google Maps and Spatial Orientation.
Be the best property website in your market.
Why is MapTeam the best?
Keep them coming back again and again.
What will bring people back to your website repeatedly?
Property Search.
That is the one thing people want.

The reason buyers make repeated visits is to look for properties for sale.

Give them the best property search system in your market area,
and they will come to you to get it.

Be truly helpful.
Give them tools that help them find properties.

MapTeam is the best possible property search system you can put on your website.
Establish your reputation online.
Property Search is the website feature that matters.
That's what keeps people coming back.
That's where you differentiate yourself.

The other realtors in your community also have websites.
They all have property search.
Yours must be better.

Many realtors use the free system provided by the local MLS.
Many realtors use an inexpensive template provided by the big vendors.

You can stand out from the crowd by using MapTeam.
It's the best Property Search available.

And MapTeam is still a young company.
You will be one of the first in your market to have MapTeam.

Property Search Feature Comparision
Total VisualizationYESNONO
Bargain FinderYESNONO
Wide-screen SupportYESNONO
Google MapsYESNONO
Spatial OrientationYESNONO
Compete with the interlopers.
There are lots of young tech companies getting into real estate now: Zillow, Trulia, Craig's List, Google Base, Yahoo Real Estate.

These companies are taking traffic away from established realtors in your community.
Total Visualization
MapTeam is the ONLY property search service that can display large numbers of properties in an entire metropolitan region.
MapTeam can display thousands of dots on the map

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Why is that important?
  • Because you can give your visitors a snapshot view of all available properties in the area.
    This makes an great first impression on your homepage.
    It gives users exactly what they are looking for.
  • And because it allows your visitors to find homes they would never find using any other system.
    For example, your visitor asks "Where can I find two-bedroom houses for sale for $325,000 to $350,000?" MapTeam is the ONLY property search service that can answer that question.

    The other mapping systems can only display about 50 properties on the map - maybe as many as 200. So they have to ask your visitor to select a city or zoom in to a specific area BEFORE they can display the properties for him. In other words, he has to know where to look before he does the search.

    MapTeam can display all the properties. Your visitor might say, "Hey look, here's a property out south of the airport. I never thought of looking out that way."
Bargain Finder
MapTeam is the ONLY property search service that offers the Bargain Finder.
The Bargain Finder.
Available ONLY from MapTeam.
Why is that important?
  • it helps your visitors find bargains.
  • it empowers them with a relative pricing analysis tool they will not find anywhere else.
MapTeam helps people by taking large amounts of complex data and reducing it to a picture that slams knowledge and wisdom into the brain instantly and effortlessly.
The Bargain Finder is the perfect example.
Color-coded dots on a map. Simple!
But so much power and capability.
The properties are color-coded relative to the average price-per-square foot and average price-per-bedroom.
Below average pricing
Average pricing
Above average pricing
The calculations are relative based on the listings shown on the map at the present moment. Each time you zoom or move the map you change the area searched, which in turn changes the criteria for what is considered below or above average. Try it yourself on
MapTeam can locate geographic areas without restricting the search criteria.
MapTeam shows city outline
Why is that important?
Because it helps your visitor find properties nearby his target search area, that he might miss with other systems.

In other systems,
if the user selects a city name,
then the search results returned are restricted to properties found in that city.

But what about properties that might be only one or two blocks outside the city limits?

Maybe these properties would be ideal, but the user has no way of knowing about them.
In MapTeam, the visitor sees all the properties, both in and nearby the chosen city.
Wide-screen Support
MapTeam expands the map to fill the entire screen.
MapTeam has a BIG map

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Why is that important?
Because it lets your visitor take full advantage of his new wide-screen display.
  • He can see a bigger map with more detail and more properites
           so he can get more work done in less time.
  • He will prefer to work on your website
           because other systems keep the display frozen in an old-fashioned narrow format.
Compare for yourself.
       The screenshots above were taken on a two-year-old Dell laptop.
       Which do you prefer: MapTeam or Other
Google Maps
MapTeam uses Google Maps, the new standard in internet mapping.
MapTeam uses Google Maps

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Why is that important?
Because after trying several different property search websites,
homeseekers will discover that your website is easier-to-use.
  • They can literally fly through a neighborhood by dragging the map with the mouse.
  • The zoom is fast and smooth.
  • The map is visually stunning:
    • beautiful,
    • easy to read,
    • with map and aerial photography combined.
Stable spatial orientation
MapTeam anchors your visitor spatially as he explores.
MapTeam is stable and smooth

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Why is that important?
Because homeseekers will consistently have a better experience on your website.
They get a better feel for the neighborhoods and locations.

The older property search systems throw your visitor about from one screen to the next: a search form, a list of properties, details about a property, a map, etc.

MapTeam lays the map before your visitor and leaves it there to anchor him spatially as he explores and studies. All the information he needs pops up on and around the map.